Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reunion Letter, in Case You Missed it

Our Reunion is coming! Our reunion is coming! Be sure to set aside May 25-27, 2012 now so you can be in Gambier for what is certain to be an epic weekend of song, reminiscing, catching up, and overall fun for the whole family. There is a ton of organizational and future Kokosinger planning already in discussion, and we are looking forward to bringing the entire force of the Kokosinger alumni into the planning process.

On campus, events for the reunion weekend begin Friday with faculty lectures on campus, an all-reunion casual dinner on Ransom Lawn (no, this isn’t the place where people go to receive payment in exchange for maintaining the confidentiality of long ago Kokes tour facts and black books), certainly a Kokes event that night, and more.

Kenyon has grown appreciably and tastefully, with the new Kokosinger Athletic Center (where Kokes albums are continuously played as background music for your invigorating workout), the rejuvenated Pierce Hall, the new Graham Gund Gallery, new North Campus housing, and more. This is a perfect opportunity to take it all in and sip from the waters of the Kokosing. Or the beer truck.

On Saturday night, we will, of course, enjoy a group dinner and perform a concert. Kenyon has been gracious enough to lend us Weaver Cottage for the weekend for gathering and practicing, and even to sabotage with a party after the concert Saturday night. We have housing in Hanna, and the Hanna 3rd floor south lounge has been anointed as another of our gathering locations so that both ends of campus are covered.

We will send an update in February, but for now please get out your smart phones, PDAs, laptops, tablets, and yes those old fashioned calendars and mark the dates. While you’re at it, go online tonight and get a great deal on airfare so it’s a done deal!

The Kokes have been generating lots of talk in recent years, and this reunion has renewed the buzz. We hope to continue the dialog with a record turnout for this reunion as we embark upon a mission to help solidify our future on campus and continue our historic journey as the college’s most impressive ambassadors through the various Kokosinger tours. We hope you will drop the truly important stuff in your life and join us.

Kokes’ 2012 Reunion Committee:

Jim Hecox '69
Phil Purdy '75
Bob Bradfield '82
Jim Nininger '70
Peter Lukidis '81
Douglas B. Dowd ‘83
Eric Koppert '74
Mark Robinson '81
Nick Lerangis '09

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